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Team Registrtion

We would love to see you on our stage.   Register your team to perform at STLSBC.  Performance Slots are limited so be sure to Register early and join us as we celebrate life and the love of Dance, Culture, and People.       UNITED WE DANCE!!!

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 St. Louis Salsa Bachata Congress Participant Agreement (Please keep this page for your records) The participants providing a dance presentation or teaching a workshop at the 2019 St. Louis Salsa Congress agree to the following policies and procedures: 1. Complete and return all Registration paperwork, including: o Registration form with payment for each participant (Payment done online) o Signed Participant Agreement (please keep a copy for your records) o Photo o Team Bio o Upload music We must have a signature from each participant on the Participant Agreement/ Release and Consent form. Parent or Guardian signatures are required for performers under 18 years old. (No Exceptions). CHILDREN PERFORMERS AND PARENTS Children under the age of 12 performing may purchase a full performance pass for $65 until July 31, 2019 and $80 until October 2019. Children must be present with guardian at registration in order to receive pass. Parents interested in accompanying their children during workshops / tech rehearsals must purchase a performers full pass. Team directors as fully responsible of children during attendance at STLSBC. 2. The Artistic Director of each dance group is responsible for assuring that only dancers confirmed to perform at the 2019 St. Louis Salsa Congress submit paperwork. For any dance teams with more than 16 performers, prior approval must be obtained from the STL Salsa Congress Artistic Director, Carmen Guynn. A fee of $80 will be charged for any changes made once the group has registered. Participant Registration is a commitment and will not be refunded. Special circumstances, such as injury or illness that require a substitute performer must be cleared with Carmen Guynn. The artistic director of each group is responsible for the submission of performer registration materials to Almas Del Ritmo Dance Company.


3. Team Registration Pricing schedule is below… • April - $99 • May - $109 • June - $119 • July - $129 • Aug. - $139 • Sept. - $149 • Oct. - $159 - Registration allows team members access to a Full pass (workshops, vendors, shows, and socials). Request to perform is done online at Return this registration form to Once received, a promo code will be sent to the director so team members to register. 4. Submit all Registration materials no later than September 1 st, 2019 NO EXCEPTIONS! DOCUMENTATION MUST BE SENT TO THIS EMAIL: STLSCREGISTER@GMAIL.COM 5. Each group member must present proper ID at the registration table before receiving pass for the congress. 6. PERFORMERS PASSES ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE. 7. IF REGISTERING MORE THAN ONE TEAM, PLEASE REGISER EACH TEAM SEPERATLY 8. DANCERS PERFORMING ON MULTIPLE TEAMS, MUST APPEAR ON EACH REGISTERED TEAM, HOWEVER ONLY NEED TO PERCHASE ON PERFORMANCE PASS. 9. Send one excellent quality photo of the group/couple. Photo will not be returned. Please include a short Bio of the group to be considered for publication in the next edition of our Commemorative Magazine. 2 10. The maximum performance time for each group presentation is four (4) minutes. For couples the maximum time is two (2) minutes, (40) seconds. Las Almas Del Ritmo Dance Company LLC. Reserves the right to modify the dance presentation duration in the interest of the overall production. 11. The congress participants will perform and/or teach during the two days (Oct. 24-26, 2019) of the Congress. Almas Del Ritmo LLC reserves the right to assign the day/time of performance and/or workshops for each participant Las Almas Del Ritmo Dance Company LLC. Reserves the right to make changes concerning the date, time and place of each presentation. 12. Music must be provided via email (mp3). Please bring compact disk as back up. The compact disk must contain only the music for a single performance. Please label CD with group’s name and song title. Music on cell phones is unacceptable. 13. FOR PERFORMANCES: Each day, a technical rehearsal will take place at 4:00 p.m. (subject to change) for the 8pm show. Participation in the rehearsal is mandatory in order to perform. The order of performance at the rehearsal will not necessarily be the same at the presentation. Dance teams MUST be present in the GREEN ROOM area 30 minutes prior to the start of the show. If the complete team is unavailable at the stage call, you will not perform in that show. 14. Each Team member MUST wear their wristbands at all times during the event. Tampering with or losing wristbands will result in purchasing a new one. LEAVE IT ON! 15. Giving wristband to another person will result in both individuals removed from the event with no re-entry and no refund. DON’T DO IT! 16. All rights assigned on this release are perpetual and are conceded for our participation in the activities to be held during the St. Louis Salsa Congress. We understand that Almas Del Ritmo will pay for all recording expenses. We also understand that Almas Del Ritmo is not obligated to use any recordings or rights assigned herein. 17. Teams MUST meet registration deadlines. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Please send all questions to All Sales are Final


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