Grounded Feminity Challenge

Fem Crew.jpg

If you’ve ever wondered if you belong on the dance floor or doubted that you could do it, this is your opportunity to prove to yourself that you do and you can. The Grounded Femininity Crew and Resilience Dance Festival are collaborating to bring to you a unique and empowering dance challenge, the likes of which you haven’t seen before.

Over a three week period starting July 27, 2020, you will partake in 4+ hours of live and recorded training by Leah Patterson to learn a styling and footwork routine that will challenge and empower your inner feminine finesse.

The experience will culminate in the great honor of showcasing all of your dedication and hard work in the only virtual performance of the Resilience Dance Festival.

It's your time to shine!

Benefits include:

  • eMpress eMpowered MOVE makeup & wellness kit

  • 4+ hours of training

  • Access to social group

  • Connecting with other amazing women

Space is limited to 10, then registrants will be placed on a waiting list.

Don't wait, sign up today!