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It Stops in

St. Louis

Human Trafficking is the 2nd largest crime in the World.  Dancers are coming together to bring awareness to this crime.  It stops with us!!!

Champions Against Human Trafficking

The 8th Annual International Salsa Bachata Congress led by Almas Del Ritmo Dance Company, will host the Champions Against Human Trafficking Latin Dance Showcase. TWO NIGHTS, Friday and Saturday evening October 20-21, 2017 at St. Louis City Center Hotel.

World Latin Dance Champions along with other amazing talent will grace the stage with Dynamic performances while shedding the light on the issue of human trafficking, in St. Louis, the State of Missouri, and the United States. During the showcase, Several topics will be addressed...


• information about the crime
• How to report potential Human Trafficking
• Victim Services
• How to participated in educating you community


Plus Awards to individuals who are doing outstanding things to fight against Human Trafficking
Human Trafficking affects every community and is often hidden right in front of our eyes. If we become aware of what human trafficking is and what it look like, we will be better equipped to identify possible situations that may recover a trafficked victim.


This Amazing showcase, you don’t want to miss. Be entertained, giveback, and learn how you can make a difference.
A portion of the proceeds will go to help area safe homes and human trafficking community education.

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