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Why Black Love?

In Honor of Black History month and to celebrate the month of Love

The St. Louis International Salsa Bachata Congress presents ...



 A day to learn, be educated, supported and inspired by some of the best Afro -Latin Black Artists.  On February 27, 2021 there will be virtual workshops, educational Symposiums and a wealth of information of Black  Latin Dance Artists.  The purpose of the weekender is to recognize these artists, and to promote and support their contribution to the Latin Dance Industry.   




Mission, Purpose, Vision

MissionTo provide a space for the Afro-Latin dance community to connect and learn from the talented Black  artists in the industry and to connect our stories.

Purpose: To celebrate and acknowledge the contribution Black Artists have made in the Afro-Latin dance industry and have not been giving their due opportunity in the community

Vision: To bring awareness and to increase the hiring of Black  artists as instructors, performers, and DJs to congresses, festivals, weekenders, and other Afro-Latin dance events.

If we don't know we are here we can't support.  If we don't support we are erase the history and legacy of black dancers.

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