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Leah Patterson

Leah Patterson is a woman of many hats: transformation coach, holistic beauty and wellness mentor, professional salsa dance instructor, and business owner--but that doesn't stop her from looking forward to new challenges daily!

She began her professional life as an engineer, graduating from Howard University with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. Her interest in holistic medicine and community building led her to establish the non-profit organization Soulistic Sanctuary, Inc. Through that initiative, she taught wellness, herbal medicine, and natural product making classes throughout Chicagoland, with special emphasis on training economically disadvantaged communities.

Leah has also been dancing salsa professionally for over 16 years. During that time, she has become internationally recognized for her smooth and sensual styling and dynamic stage presence. She has performed and taught all across the world. As a principal dancer of the internationally-known dance company Descarga Caribe, she shared her charisma and love for dancing with salsa enthusiasts in China, England, Spain, Italy, Canada, California, Washington DC, Texas, Chicago, and countless other places. 

Her style of dance has often been described as sophisticated, sharp, precise, imaginative, and even spiritual. Dance is her greatest passion and she thoroughly enjoys spreading this love through continuing to teach and perform.

Along the way, Leah also earned her professional esthetics license and founded a number of natural product-based businesses, most notably MOVE Makeup, a sweatproof, natural cosmetics line created to provide women of all colors non-toxic cosmetics with lasting power and versatility, born directly out of her own needs as a dancer with sensitive skin.

These days, Leah can be found sharing all of the acquired knowledge in her “medicine bag” with the members of her online Dance and Empowerment Academy--the Grounded Femininity Crew. Through her own journey recovering from debilitating self-doubt, depression, anxiety, and a suicide attempt, she has learned how to navigate happiness, confidence, and joy, and she imparts that knowledge to her community. Her firm belief is that you have the audacious right to keep going, to keep expecting the best, and to actually start getting it, too. And this is the cornerstone of everything she does.

Fun Fact:  Leah loves plants. She has a special place in her heart for weeds. Yep, the ones that most folks love to hate. :)


Facebook: @leahrpatterson

Instagram: @groundedfemininitycrew

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