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STLSBC is always looking for the next best team to  Showcase on our stage.  Is your team  Interested in performing in our FABULOUS line-up of amateur and professional artists? 


STLSBC wants your team to be a part of the Family so that we can celebrate you.  

There are just a few step that MUST be followed with NO EXCEPTIONS.  They are in the form but off hand....

TEAMS must be available to perform  Friday, or Saturday


Please do not call or email about which day you would prefer to perform.  STLSBC STAFF will make decisions as to when teams will perform.  Please plan your trip to the STL accordingly.  


Performers MUST purchase a performers pass.


Performers passes increase Every Month. 


Please keep in mind that each month performers pass will increase.  The best time to get your pass is now!!


Make sure your team is registered for the 11th Annual St. Louis International Salsa Bachata Congress Today!! What are the STEP?


1) Fill out the request to perform found below!!!  (Click Yellow Button)

2) Fill out and return the participation agreement form found below!!.

     (Click Green Button)

3) Send the registration form back signed with all team performer signatures ONLY
4) Receive a code from our staff
5) Get your code to performance team members (all team members must register)
6) Send Team photo

7) Send Team Bio

8) Upload performance music (Label with TEAM NAME and MUSIC Title)

9) You are all set

Let's do it!!! Cant wait to see your team on our stage!!!  It's going to be FANTASTIC!!!


2022 Team Registration

Request to perform

Performance Agreement

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