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Isabel Freiberger

Originally from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Isabel has been training and dancing New York Salsa since 2005. Isabel trained under the Cobo Brothers Dance Company in North Carolina for seven years, traveling the world teaching and performing. In 2013 Isabel moved to New York City to pursue a solo career and to deepen her study of New York Salsa, Afro-Caribbean dances, partnered acrobatics, as well dabbling in styles such as heels, modern, and contemporary dance. She prides herself on continuing to prioritize her own training and learning. Since living in New York City, Isabel has made a name for herself through different partnerships, teams and solo as well, traveling to teach and perform at Latin Dance congresses all over the world. She was the sole director/owner of her own student team Isa Dance Project that continued to grow and improve for six years in NYC.

Isabel has recently shifted her focus slightly away from the global congress scene to pursue a career in dance theater in NYC.
She has been working with Variety Life Productions LLC as a dancer, actor, and costume designer. Isabel performed the lead role of Carmen in the hit immersive theater show called "Carmen, To Havana and Back.” She also participated in the immersive theater show, “Midsummer, A Shakespearience” as a dancer, actor and as lead costume designer.

Isabel is a dedicated instructor, continuously perusing the growth of her own knowledge and refining her pedagogy. She is committed to the growth of her students while sharing the rich historical and cultural roots of the various Latin Dances as we know them today.

Fallon began her dance journey at Indiana University (IU) where she became a member of the IU Essence Dance Team.  After one semester she soon became the caption of the team.  Under her leadership, the team competed in the Indiana Star Quest competition winning First Place for three consecutive years.  It was during her time at IU she learned Salsa and Later became Director of one of the Alma Latina Franchise in 2015.  The following year she founded Alexander Coleman Dance Company (ACDC).  ACDC performs at festivals, parades, Pacers games, and Dancesport Competitions.    The mission of the dance company is to celebrate culture, create unity, and challenge each dancer to meet their greatest potential. Fallon is a mother of two beautiful boys, a Federal Administrator Judge, and a classically trained pianist.   


Fallon Coleman


Ana Masacote

Ana Masacote is an award-winning Afro-Latin dance artist and performing arts curator who loves engineering spaces for community connection and conversation through the arts. She has spread the salsa bug to more than 30 countries and is the founder of Dance to Power, an online Afro-Latin dance academy. Through her social impact initiatives, Ana advocates for LGBTQ inclusivity and gender and racial equity in the arts. She holds a BS in Management Science from MIT. Recent awards include: 2022 MCC Artist Fellow, 2020/21 Kennedy Citizens Fellow, 2019 YWCA Cambridge Woman of the Year, 2019 WBUR Artery 25.

Kimberly Rivera began her career in New York as a child prodigy, dancing and touring the world professionally with Candy Mena and Eddie Torres by the time she was a teenager. Afterward, she continued to dance around the globe with Island Touch. Before becoming a salsera, Kimberly trained and performed with William Cepeda in all Puerto Rican folkloric dances. Today, Kimberly collaborates with artists nationally, such as Julissa Cruz, Melanie Castillo, and My Generation Dance Company. She also directs Diosas, co-directs Urban Vibe, instructs a Latin Dance program for After School Matters, and teaches dance to children and adults all over Chicago.

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Kimberly Rivera

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