STLSBC #9 will  celebrate the Amazing women Artists who will be joining the family this year!  Every month up until the congress, we will highlight one of the SUPER SHEROS who will teaching or performing at STLSBC #9.  

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Tabitha De La O


Tabitha is has traveled the country teaching and performing at International Latin Festivals for over 5 years with Chicago dance teams Los Jovenes del Swing, Gifted Souls, and her dance partner Marcos Ramos-Garcia. She is a trained ballet, jazz, modern dancer from Homer's Chicago Multicultural Dance Center that turned Salsa Dancer who has danced with Andy "Lyrik" Cruz. Rocky Quinones, Angel Martinez, Griselle Ponce (N.Y), Kimberly Rivera (N.Y) and now Director of Werk Latin Dance Company. Tabitha has so much passion for music, rhythm, and dance that she started "Train Like Tabitha" in Chicago for dancers who want to take their technique to the next level. 

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With over 8 salsa championships under her belt, Emily Alabi is part of the brother and sister duo widely known as ‘Junior and Emily’. With performances all over the world and features in widely broadcasted television specials, like America’s Got Talent, Pickler & Ben and the Kris Jenner Show, her fan base reaches across the globe. China, Japan, India, Ecuador, Australia, Lebanon, Russia, and Mexico are just a few of the countries on her recent guest tickets. Emily’s passion for dance has found new outlets and mediums, enabling her in becoming a more multifaceted artist. Since then she has even portrayed her talent and passion behind the scenes as she choreographed for So You Think You Can Dance, FOX TV and popular Disney Channel TV shows. She has even been able to venture into theatrical performances and has recently been cast for guest star and recurring roles on top-rated series like CBS's NCIS and MTV’s Teen Wolf. People may also recognize her from her work opposite of Mario Lopez on Nuvo TV or from the several performances and collaborations throughout the years with artists, celebrities and brands like Selena Gomez, Sofia Vergara, Jon Favreau, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez, Nike, Toyota, Cricket Wireless, Diesel, Kaiser Permanente and Lexus. A woman with a strong work ethic and palpable passion for her art, Emily has dedicated her life to inspiring and motivating the people around her and has partnered with several non-profit events and organizations and given several advisory speeches and talks to new generations following in her footsteps. Emily is a client of More Zap Productions & Management, Bloc for dance and choreography, and Pantheon Talent Group for Theatrical and

Emily Alabi

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Latisha Hardy

After going through difficult career choices and personal challenges, Latisha Hardy began to heal and redefine her life through dance. Established in 2010, Latisha Hardy Dance and Co. Ltd. uses a strength-based approach through physical, psychological, and spiritual empowerment - because you should look and feel good while being your best self.

Latisha is not only a dancer, she is a self-made entrepreneur, teaches at multiple dancing events around the country, directs her own “Lady Boss” ladies team, speaks on self-discovery, and most recently became the New Face of GFranco Shoes.

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Jennifer Isabel is one of New York City’s top bachata instructors. Her powerful stage presence, sensual dance style and fluidity easily captures the audience's attention. Her versatility in all styles of Bachata permit students to learn dynamic dance skills in her classes.

Jennifer resides in New York City while expanding her knowledge of dance. She is available for private lessons, dance choreography, performances and workshops.

Jennifer Isabel

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